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Just in Case You Are Wondering

What exactly is Marbles?
Marbles is a one-stop-shop digital HR marketplace built for payroll providers to seamlessly integrate into their systems. Our cloud-based HR ecosystem loops hundreds of third-party, pre-verified HR partners and products into a single, end-to-end dynamic platform.
Why should we enroll in the marketplace?
Through Marbles, your clients will gain access to hundreds of pre-verified HR-related apps that will help them improve the day-to-day operations of their business. A marketplace feature will not only allow you to compete with deep-pocketed payroll providers but will also provide additional revenue through our commission-based program.
How is the Marbles marketplace different from other marketplace options?
The Marbles marketplace is open to all payroll providers – no matter how big or small – and other than our annual fee, we do not require purchasing any additional software, service, or membership in order to utilize our marketplace.
How do I enroll in the Marbles marketplace?
Complete this form. You will hear back from us within 7 business days whether you have been approved. After the contract is signed, a member of our Onboarding Team will be in touch to guide your team through the integration and setup process.
What will I need to do to make my software compatible with the marketplace, and will the Marbles team do this for me, or do I need to contact my web designer for that?
Your tech department will be responsible for arranging compatibility to Marbles. Once onboarded, the Marbles team will provide the necessary criteria for integration and will be available to support your tech team throughout the implementation process.
Who do our customers ask questions to if they have an issue with a product in the Marbles Marketplace?
Customers will have direct access to the product customer support. If there is an issue with the product itself, it will always be best to go directly to the product. However, if there are any issues with accessing the product through Marbles, they should reach out to the Marbles customer support team. 
How do you "vet" the products so we know they are safe for our customers to use them?
We have a team internally that is dedicated to verifying each one of the incoming products prior to their joining the marketplace.
What exactly is Marbles?
The Marbles Marketplace is an online venue for HR-related apps and services to gain the attention of CEOs, CFOs, HR professionals and payroll professionals. These professionals are accessing the marketplace via their payroll providers' platforms and will view the marketplace as a turnkey solution to HR apps that integrate easily with their payroll platform.
How is the Marbles marketplace different from other marketplaces?
The key differentiator for the Marbles marketplace is simple: strategic design and accessibility. The Marbles marketplace was strategically designed by HR professionals deep in the marketplace industry. We understand what products need to increase adoption numbers, which features are most effective for end users to find the products they need, and while other marketplaces are marketing to the end user, we market directly to payroll providers, who then roll it out to the masses expanding visibility of our products ten-fold.
What will my product gain from joining the marketplace?
HR products and solutions gain exposure and access to a growing audience of business professionals in targeted industries through consistent listing in the Marbles marketplace. With each payroll provider that we bring on board, we don't just add one new potential client for the products – we add thousands at the click of a button. Expand your visibility further through our Enhanced Marketing packages. Ask a Marbles team member for more details.
How do I apply to join the marketplace?
Complete this application form. A Marbles team member will respond within 72 business hours with next steps.
How long does the application process take?
The average turnaround time is 3 weeks.
How do I know if my product qualifies for the marketplace?
We would be happy to discuss this with you! Please contact us to schedule a Discovery call with the Marbles team.
Are there any setup fees?
There is a one-time setup fee of $1,000. Depending on API requirements, there may be an additional fee.
Is it possible to become a featured application/product in the marketplace?
Yes! Please reach out to your Marbles representative and let them know you would like to be a featured product – they will guide you through the process.
Who will be responsible for integrating our software to the payroll providers' software?
Marbles is committed to making this process as simple as possible for our HR products and solutions. Your tech department will be responsible for integrating with Marbles. However, no matter how many payroll providers end up selecting your product, you will only need to build out one integration. From there, the Marbles team will manage the rest.


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