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Klnch People Platform bridges the communication gap between Employees and Managers. Our new way of working with remote, hybrid or onsite work, understaffed teams and increased turnover can create a stressful work environment and employees can feel overwhelmed and communication suffers. Our quick and easy 20 second check-in offers insight so leadership can know at a glance how everyone is doing.
Acting as a virtual open door for organizations, employees will feel appreciated and valued and Managers will know when to start a conversation and address small issues before they become big problems with timely notifications.
Build trust by offering employees a communication channel, always available to meet people where they are & how they work, no desk required.

Unique, bottom-up approach offers authentic insight for leadership and employees. Quick, easy & done

Klnch People Platform is designed to reach everyone, where they are and how they work.  Manager time is valuable and they are pivotal to employee engagement, performance and wellbeing.  Our easy to use check in provides a heads up making 1:1’s, TB’s and check-ins more personalized, productive and best of all save time. Clean and nimble, managers will gain panoramic insight with our Human Aspect ValueTM,  providing a daily, weekly or cumulative overview of how your team is doing. Individual feedback empowers employees to advocate for themselves.  Insight working in tandem equals double the benefits.  Gain time rather than spend with People Platform.

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are engaged at work
< 50%
what is expected of them
+ 64%
felt burnt-out in 2023
their company does not care about their wellbeing at all

Give Managers time and insight to be effective Leaders and up your employee engagement game.

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