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Guusto is a simple recognition and rewards platform that helps companies create a culture where office and frontline employees love to work. 


Employers can consistently recognize great work, automate milestones, and reinforce core values with employees at desks, on the floor, or out in the field with no confusing points or markups. 


Rewards are flexible, so employees get something they actually value. From 100,000+ locations around the world, branded company swag, charity donations, and custom rewards, there's something for everyone. Guusto has social purpose built right in. With every reward sent, we donate 1 day of clean drinking water through the One Drop Foundation.

Build a recognition program that works for all your people - at a desk, on the floor or in the field

Most recognition providers offer similar points-based systems that are built for the corporate environment, where everyone has a device and company email address. However, they don't work well for companies with frontline employees. With Guusto you can: 

  • Start with a single-user account and send rewards to anyone
  • Scale up by only paying for those who send recognition
  • No work email addresses required for deskless workers
  • Printable rewards for low tech employees 
  • No confusing points or markups ($1 actually = $1) 

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The #1 highest rated employee recognition platform with 4000+ 5 star reviews

“The simplicity of Guusto lends itself to good adoption in industries where there is a lot of frontline or service workers as well as industries where it’s more corporate. The support Rexall has received from Guusto has been nothing short of amazing”.
Joe Berardi
Senior Director, Total Rewards - Rexall
“I’ve really enjoyed working with the Guusto team. They are very knowledgeable about their industry. They are also super efficient and quick with getting work completed. Any time I’ve had a question or needed assistance, their turnaround is awesome!”
Michalkiewics - Levi's
"If you are able to say to someone that, 'Hey, you have $50', that's real. As against, 'you have 50 points.' So i think that selecting money as the language, that made it real for people. And I think they are more likely to utilize that than if you were accumulating points."
Kermit Grant
VP of Human Resources - Breakthru Beverage
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