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KettleOS is a platform purpose-built to help hybrid teams make better decisions, while simplifying meetups so people can coordinate and collaborate more effectively. By gaining metrics and visibility over howand why teams are meeting, KettleOS offers team leaders the ability to work with their team members to develop an optimal work lifestyle.

Transform your workplace from an obligation to a destination

Transform your workplace from an obligation to a destination

Kettle blends booking, communication, self-organizing, and visibility in a single platform

When teams meet in-person, they care about two things: the people they are meeting with and the activities they want to accomplish while they are together. Getting together doesn’t have to just be about work- it’s about collaboration and building relationships. KettleOS provides an end-to-end solution allowing team members to self-organize and team leaders to implement a hybrid plan that works for yourorganization.

of Gen-Z workers
would select an employer who offers hybrid work over one who doesn’t
of Employees
want to feel connected to their org's people and purpose
of Employees
want to spend some time in the office
projected reduction
of demand for office space as a result of hybrid work

More than just booking a space or workstation.

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