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Gain a competitive advantage with financial wellness benefit
services from FlexWage Solutions. Earned Wage Access (EWA)
benefits have become essential to hiring, improving engagement,
and retaining top talent in today’s economically challenging


FlexWage OnDemand Pay helps employees manage cash flow
volatility by accessing their earned wages between pay cycles.
Once established on a more solid footing, employees can focus on
financial education, budgeting, and planning solutions with
FlexWage’s Sum180 solutions. 

Earned Wage Access Done Right!

Earned Wage Access Done Right!

Experience and expertise you can count on.

FlexWage’s OnDemand Pay solution is an employer-funded, regulatory compliant Earned Wage Access solution. It integrates with the employer’s HR, payroll, and time and attendance data to provide employees with accurate, accrual-based wage calculations. The FlexWage solution gives employers administrative visibility into the EWA platform and policy controls for earned wage access transfer amounts and frequency.


FlexWage invented and patented OnDemand Pay in 2010. The OnDemand Pay intellectual property held by FlexWage covers the industry’s most in depth, data-driven, accurate, and efficient Earned Wage Access process. It has stood for more than a decade as the market standard.

of employees would be interested in working for an employer who provides EWA.
5-7 days
The average timeframe employees access EWA before payday.
The average number of times an employee uses EWA per month.
The average amount employees withdraw using EWA.

Gain a competitive advantage with FlexWage EWA.

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