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Looking for a new and proven way to drive employee recruitment, engagement, and retention?
With Juice, you can start offering amazing new perks and benefits today, without breaking the bank. Here are some of the most popular solutions that companies are using from Juice:

  • Payout cards -eliminate onerous check cashing fees and administrative headaches
  • Earned wage access - (instant or same-day pay) - let workers access their pay as they earn it, as often as same day.
  • Instant electronic payments for contractors and other 1099s
  • Unlimited voluntary benefits through payroll deductions 
  • Reward and incentive programs
  • Stipends for wellness, learning and development, gas, and more

Juice Financial lets businesses integrate banking and payment solutions directly into their workflows. We have served 30+ million customers, processed billions of dollars in payments, and offer several hundred custom use cases. Open bank accounts, issue cards, on-board customers, and set up rules-based payments to deliver the above benefits and more.


Enhance your total rewards with unmatched perks your employees will love.

Enhance your total rewards with unmatched perks your employees will love.

Unlimited voluntary benefits, earned wage access, prefunded wellness/learning cards & more

Total Rewards / Benefits Enhancements - Offer unique benefits proven to drive employee recruitment and retention.

   • Earned wage access 
   • Bonuses, incentives, and other rewards
   • Unlimited number of voluntary benefits
   • Wellness stipends
   • Learning and development stipends
   • Gas cards
   • Over 100 other use cases


Business Benefits of payout cards with earned wage access:

   • Improve recruitment, engagement, and retention
   • Higher productivity due to decreased financial stress
   • Boost employee attendance
   • Less cost, less risk, and less administrative work


Improve your workers’ financial wellness while also improving your bottom line! Eliminate costly :

   • Check cashing fees. Allow your employees to avoid expensive, predatory payday loan companies.

of employees
leave a job due to financial stress.
of front-line workers
plan to look for a new job in the coming year.
0.5 to 2
times salary
is the cost of replacing a worker.
of HR professionals
say they need more employee retention solutions.

Fuel your employee engagement efforts with Juice.

“Juice has been extremely helpful to us in offering benefits to our employees. The same day pay feature has been working seamlessly and incentivizes employees to go to work. On a customer service level Juice has been very responsive and attentive in quickly resolving any issues we had with the system.”
Goldie Gelernter
CEO - Towne Nursing
“The Juice team has been an absolute god-send for our company. They have enabled us to manage our employee pay in a detailed and efficient way! The support we receive from them is Top Notch!”
Gregg Hughes
President - Odin Utilities
“Choosing Juice was the best decision I could make for my business. I made this decision because I got hit by check fraud. Besides losing a big amount of money, my company was put at risk. Ever since, OPG made the transition to Juice by paying out all 94 employees through branded payout cards."
Duane Broom
Owner - Orlando Protection Group
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